M. Douglas Evans

Consultation, Counseling and Coaching For Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

An important aspect of any therapeutic relationship is the rapport and ease you have in discussing your issues and concerns with your therapist.

I believe the right fit between the client and therapist is in large part a function of the flexibility in approach and ways of working with you as an individual, couple or family.

I see the therapeutic relationship as being a collaborative partnership that is outcome focused in addressing your issues and concerns.

My emphasis is on doing what is most effective in moving you toward your desired outcomes in the most efficient time possible.

My background and experience draws on a variety of models and interventions that are solution-based, evidence-based, as well as, integrative.

My approach targets the individual, couple or family system, as well as, each individual’s cognitive, emotional, behavioral and relationship aspects, as it relates to bringing about change.

Change is not easy for most of us regardless of whether we need or want to change.

People change for their own reasons and in accordance with their own time lines.

The challenge for any effective therapist is to help individuals, couples and families make sense of the change they want to make, so they are able to move forward, as well as, help them to be able to sustain their change into the future.