Tuning Up Your Job Campaign

A. Status Update

  1. Reviewing and appreciating what you have accomplished at this point in your job campaign.
  2. Expectations and concerns regarding your job campaign.
  3. Major challenges you face in moving your job campaign forward.
  4. Major opportunities related to your job campaign that you are exploring or considering at this time.

B. Tuning Up

  1. Level of commitment at this time regarding your job and career objectives.
  2. Running your numbers (daily, weekly, monthly)


  • Phone calls (making/receiving)
  • Responding to leads, contacts, job postings, job fairs, job websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Generating leads (phone/internet/social media/in-person.
  • Informational/advice meetings (follow-up)
  • Networking meetings attending
  • Referral (given/follow-up on)
  • Contact list (generating/follow up)
  • Target Companies List (Industries/Companies want to contact)
  • Jobs applied for (follow –up)
  • Jobs interviewed for (follow-up)
  • Job offers (Accept/reject)
  • Amount of time spent daily/weekly/monthly on your job campaign.
  • Amount of time spent on above aspects of your job campaign.
  • Amount of time spent on preparation, documentation and organization for job campaign effectiveness and efficiency.

C. Lifestyle Considerations related to impact on campaign.

  1. How well designating and structuring your time and schedule related you your campaign.
  2. How well balancing Job campaign and personal life.
  3. How well self-regulating
  • Sleep
  • Eating patterns
  • Physical activities or exercise
  • Recreational activities
  • Social activities
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs
  • Monitoring energy level, emotional states, and time use.

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