Life coaching is an outcome-focused change process for assisting you in moving yourself forward in accomplishing specific desired outcomes in your life.

Life coaching is an alternative to counseling or psychotherapy.

While there is some overlap between life coaching and counseling or psychotherapy, coaching clients tend, generally, to be coping and functioning well in most areas of their lives.

Counseling and psychotherapy clients tend to be struggling with issues or concerns in their lives that are causing them to feel conflicted, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, hopeless, or to be in a crisis, as well as, behave in ways that are inappropriate or problematic in some way.

In addition, they may have difficulty coping or functioning day-to-day at work or in their personal lives.

Some clients feel there is less stigma associated with coaching than counseling.

For some people, counseling or psychotherapy implies there is something wrong with you as a person, where as coaching implies you are ok as a person, but are needing some specific help in moving some aspect of your life forward that is important to you.

Clients in coaching or counseling may feel stuck or that they are not making the kind of progress they like on their own.

Life coaching clients tend to be proactive and productive in many areas of their lives but feel getting specific help in some areas may be beneficial.

Coaching clients have meaningful aspirations they are striving for in their work and personal lives.

Often, coaching clients are coming in because they have a special issue, idea, product or project in mind that they are working on and feel they need some help in moving forward.

This may be related to areas of personal development, creative endeavors or for generating income streams.

Life coaching clients may be feeling stuck or have difficulty overcoming obstacles they encounter in moving things forward.

They may have difficulty getting started with some aspects of their work, feel stuck or blocked, as well as, become distracted or off track with other ideas or aspects of their lives.

Personal Development

  • Exploring and developing a compelling future for your life
  • Identifying goals and priorities related to your desired life outcomes.
  • Assessing the kind of lifestyle that is the right fit related to your desired future.
  • Identifying ways to self-regulate and care for yourself in conjunction with pursuit of your desired future.

Creative Pursuits and Expression

  • Identifying compelling ideas, projects, products or services you want to pursue
  • Assessing challenges, difficulties and opportunities related to your creative pursuits
  • Identifying resources, information, technology and networks that may be helpful in developing your creative pursuits
  • Understanding how your creative process works be

Areas Related To Your Focus:

  • Artistic endeavors
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Performance arts
  • Movement and dance
  • Idea, creative expression, product and service development.

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