Keeping ourselves healthy physically and mentally is an ongoing dilemma that we more or less manage.

Everyone knows the importance of getting enough sleep, eating well, being physically active, engaging in recreational or relaxation activities, as well as, avoiding too much alcohol or substance use.

However, given our work and personal life responsibilities, relationships, life stressors, time and energy constraints, this can be a challenging prospect.

It becomes even more problematic, if we are experiencing illnesses, pain or medical issues.

Each of us has to decide how much of a priority it is to care for ourselves and maintain our health and wellbeing.

Almost all of my work with clients involves consideration of how they are caring for themselves, self-regulating and to what extent they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Three primary threats to health and lifestyle are:

  1. Working excessive hours at demanding jobs.
  2. Trying to do too much outside of work or in your personal life.
  3. Neglecting to make time to adequately care for yourself and your important relationships.

Here are key areas we focus on:

  • Assessing lifestyle, health and wellness issues
  • Assessing work, job and career stressors.
  • Learning how to increase physical activity and energy
  • Improving coping mechanisms for health, pain and other medical issues.
  • Learning how to better care for self and self-regulate day-to-day.
  • Better coping strategies for work, job and personal stressors.
  • Working toward greater work-life balance
  • Learning how to use meditation and mindfulness practices to reduce worry, anxiety and depression.

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